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From small acorns…..

IT Marketing is a very new business, but the founders have been working in the online marketing sector for the best part of 10 years.  It’s this experience that we belive is our unique selling point.  Like many of our customers, we have learnt and developed our marketing expertise through years of trial and error.  In the early part of our careers, we failed as much as we suceeded, and it’s the experience gained from learning from those failures and understanding what works and what doesn’t in the highly competitive fields that our client’s operate within, that we believe puts us in a place that many of our competitors have never been.

Our team is made up of a broad collection of technically competent individuals, located in 4 different countries.  It’s this geographical seperation and operating structure that enables us to be best placed to serve clients in a broad range of geogrphical markets.  Our core expertise lies in IT and in marketing, though our services very much reflect our personalities and experience – we are just as happy working on the nuts and bolts of a project as we are with more strategic and ‘blue-sky’ thinking projects.

Our business is defined by our people, and we would enjoy nothing more that meeting with you to discuss an upcoming project.  We don’t believe in a hard sell approach, and believe that facts and results above all else should dictate our sales and marketing strategy., particularly in the rather intangible field of marketing.

To learn more about us and projects we have worked on, then please take a moment to get in contact with our customer services team.

Let us help you innovate and drive your business to the next level.